What is Nanaimo Seniors Visiting Program?

Our MISSION STATEMENT gives a good description of our beliefs and goals:

"NSVP'S focus is the well-being of seniors who wish to live independently. We aim to provide relief from loneliness, through communication and support, to meet the challenges of aging and diminishing personal networks."

We accomplish those lofty goals quite simply: by having a network of Volunteers connect with our Clients, either by telephone or in person.

Who is Nanaimo Seniors Visiting Program?

NSVP is operated by Mid Island Abilities & Independent Living Society. Our hard-working Executive Director and team of more than 70 dedicated Volunteers ensure our clients are well-served and supported.

Our BOARD OF DIRECTORS are hard-working Volunteers, with a varied background.

A short history

Our founder, Sister Roseline Dunn, had the idea of starting a 'Phone a Friend' group while still living and working in Winnipeg. She had this idea after reading a newspaper article about a woman who kept a diary - and for 39 days her only diary entry was 'No one called or visited me today' That diary was found beside her body - bout a week after her death. Sr. Roseline decided then and there to do whatever she could to lessen the loneliness and despair often felt by seniors who live alone or are otherwise isolated. At the time, she was in a position where she had at hand a group of very willing, generous and dedicated women who promised to help. In a very short time the 'Phone a Friend' program was started, by which lonely, sometimes elderly and sometimes ill, persons were contacted by phone.

In 1978 Sister Roseline came to Nanaimo to work at the Nanaimo Ecumenical Centre. Shortly after arriving her, she realized the need was just as great here in Nanaimo as it had been in Winnipeg. A team of Volunteers, from the Church and others, started the Phone-a-Friend Ministry - the name eventually evolved into the Nanaimo Telephone Visiting Ministry.

In 1981 Sister 'Rosie' retired from the Ecumenical Centre, and she continued to devote her time to the Telephone Visiting Ministry. The Telephone Ministry was incorporated as a non-profit Society on August 25th, 1982. Sister Roseline was very involved with the Society until her death, on November 22nd, 1987.

In 1990, we became a member of what is now United Way Central Island. At their request, we dropped the word Ministry from our title on March 5th 1991. Since that date our official name has been the NANAIMO TELEPHONE VISITING SOCIETY.

In Dec of 2011, we merged with Mid Island Ability Society to become Mid Island Abilities and Independent Living Society. 

Nanaimo Telephone Visiting Society has become one of the core programs for the new Society and will now be known as the Nanaimo Seniors Visiting Program. This will allow us to better server our Seniors as well as reach out to those with disabilities.


If you - or someone you know - might benefit from becoming a Client of Nanaimo Seniors Visiting Program, please contact us. Becoming a Client is easy, and free.

If you - or someone you know - would be a caring, helpful Volunteer, please contact us. For more information on Volunteering with us, check the 'VOLUNTEER OR DONATE' page.

PLEASE call Mid Island Abilities and Independent Living at (250) 756-9455 OR email at info@midislandability.org